Our clients AM Details of Elgin approached us with the task of rebranding their range of specialist detailing products but ultimately the aim was much more than that… Alan at AM had strived to achieve consistency and the “wow” factor for his brand identity for some time… Cue CP&Co! With any retail product, shelf presence and brand impact is key to its success and finally the AM Details range has a style quality that is consistent with the quality of the actual product itself.

When it comes to automotive detailing there’s few more experienced, or indeed as well known as Alan at AM Details. Not just locally but globally with a huge following in the detailing world. We are proud to be associated with AM and look forward to exciting future projects. Check out his fantastic range at amdetails.co.uk

AM Details

"What can I say about the amazing team at CP&Co? Well it's exactly that... They helped our company really solidify our brand and identity which we've been striving to do for a long time! We wanted to re-label our products but also create a proper consistent brand approach rather than just a logo. Some how the team managed to take all our crazy keywords, business related influences and random ideas, which to be honest almost seemed to contradict themselves... And from that they created the perfect brand elements and concepts for us!"

Alan Medcraf - AM Details

"What I really liked was the selection of initial ideas and designs presented to us visually. None of us at AMDetails are creatives and we had no real image in our head so to see the concept board and then begin to have a reference to build from was key. The team then took our brutal and honest feedback. Good, bad and ugly and mashed them together to get to where we are today and... It's perfect!!! Not only that but they simply GET US! Any new projects, concepts and sub brands we have launched have been handled and absolutely smashed by them. CP&Co are more than just designers. They become a part of your team... Pushing your brand... Keeping you current and relevant in a fast-changing space."

Alan Medcraf - AM Details